Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Canning Challenge

Tigress in a Jam posted a canning challenge.  The idea is to can something once a month and of course to write about it.

I am about 3 weeks behind, but you can read the details behind the year long challenge here.

First up is marmalade.  I love marmalade.  Last year I made several varieties for gifts.  Clementine Marmalade, Meyer Lemon Marmalade, Cara-Cara Orange Marmalade.  These in turn became all sort of other things.  Marmalade tarts, for one, citrus butters, and of course beautiful jams for my biscuits and scones.  

Texas Ruby Red is plentiful and cheap, so off to the store I will go.  See you next time with photos and a recipe.  


MrsL said...

I want to can, too. Pout. I dream of spring and fiddlehead ferns. Marmalade sounds delish.

Svetlana said...

Canning is simple, but sometimes getting you mise en place ready is a pain. At least once every few months I buy a bag of frozen fruit and turn it in to refrigerator jam. Very worth the effort and tastier than any store-bought jam.