Monday, March 1, 2010

So the Metropolitan is Coming. . . Now What?

Metropolitan Jonah is coming.  This is wonderful news.  Many preparations have already begun in earnest to make ready for his pastoral visit.  It reminds me of something straight out of the Bible.   We are making ready with painting and trimming, cleaning and polishing and waxing.  The gold vestments will be sorted, washed and ironed and mended.  There is yard work, things to frame and stoops to mend.  The altar amd sacristy will be scrubbed and cleaned, painted and polished.  There are dishes to make and bread to bake.

Sadly, my family has been absent from these proceedings due to lingering ear infections, mysterious fevers, and conferences in far away lands (really, just Austin).

I started this post last week.  Metropolitan Jonah celebrated Divine Liturgy for us and it was wonderful.  Pictures, recipes, and more to come...

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