Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Apostles' Fast Menu

Mary, you have inspired me to give over to organization.  It is frustrating to meet each day without a plan.  It is exhausting and unproductive.  It is a poor example to my children.  It is not being a good steward of my household or of my talents.  It is not respectful of my children.  So I will pull myself up out of my sloth.  Dear readers, please, pray for me.  This task is not easy, but it is important and worthwhile.  Also, it is not particularly grown up to meet each day with: Surprise!  Another day has dawned!  Whatcha' got planned, Sunshine?
I will begin will a meal plan.  This meal plan will carry us through the Apostles' Fast.  You can read about Mary's Notebooks here.  

Here are some recipes:
Chilled Tomato Basil Soup
Chick Pea Flour *Omelets*
Vegan Samosas
Macrobiotic Miso
Macro Spring Rolls
Dairy-free Pizza Ideas


Anonymous said...

i hope your menu works well for you. It is important and worthwhile to organize our homes and our time; but I have a feeling that you're not such a poor example as you feel. Quite the opposite, I'm sure. :)

Patty said...

What a pretty menu! I second Mary's comment. Whatever you've achieved in a day is worthy of celebrating--especially if you are tending to children as well. That is a full-time job! Good luck on your organizing endeavors. I am right there with you!

Rebecca said...

I find that my days and weeks go better when I have a menu plan. It also helps the children to know each day what to expect.

Svetlana said...

How blessed I am to have such kind Readers! Thank you for your comments.
Organization is not a natural talent I have, but it is necessary and good. As I say this, I recognize that in areas where I have my most interest (cooking, gardening, etc) organization comes from my constant tending. Thanks again, Ladies. You've brought a smile to my heart.