Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I made a skirt! And other Nifty Noodle ideas...

M. in her 3-tier ruffle skirt.  I know not very ruffly.
A long time ago, my sweetest husband bought me a fine quality serger and an even finer quality sewing machine.  Unfortunately, my plans to sew and sew until the end of time came to a screeching halt the first time I spent way too much on fabric and then wrecked my project.

Occasionally, I will be inspired to sew a quick this or that, only to be cowed into submission by the thought of ruining the fabric I am about to lay waste to with my scissors.  I have made quilts, a plushy octopus, and a few gift bags, but I have stayed away from clothes.  Until now . . .

This past weekend, I strolled boldly into not one, but two fabric stores, expertly purchased fabric and notions, and proceeded sans pattern to make a skirt.  And it wasn't horrible.  In about 2 hours I had cut, pieced, lined, and made the casing for one skirt.  Best of all, I did not die or become injured, blow up my sewing machine, waste hundreds of dollars, or wreck the house in the process.  I did have some help from the interwebs.  I can happily pass along a handy tiered skirt calculator that I found, here.

I am looking forward to practicing so more.

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