Friday, May 14, 2010

A is for Ascension, Andrew, and Apple Pie

We are finishing up our first week of Letters of Grace from Mary at Evlogia.  Initially, I forgot to print out the Lesson Plan so I felt overwelmed.  Where do I start?  How many of these books am I going to read.  Heck these kids aren't even paying attention anymore!   Aaarrgh!  Then I realized I was trying to do way too much in one day.  It is easy to forget that the stack of papers and activities that constitutes most kindergarten and preschool programs is busywork.  My children can have time to do nothing.  It won't hurt them.  They will not become stupid or boring or apathetic.  They will become more resourceful and independent.  They will become better stewards of their time.  Hopefully.

Yesterday, was Ascension Thursday which worked out well for our Letter Aa Week.  Here are some of our creations from yesterday:

The Ascension according to E. (age 3)

Mama got to paint with her littles!

Ais for Ascension and A. (age 5)!


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Looks like you had a lot of fun. Joyous Feast!