Friday, October 29, 2010

how super helpful is this?

Embarrassingly enough, I am the proud own of TWO sewing machines and one serger. Why is it embarrassing? I'm not a sewer. I suffer from a huge ego as it pertains to mechanical and technical skills, but there is seriously no evidence that this is my strong point. At all. I'm a cook. Never to be a chef, because I do not possess ingenuity, but I can appreciate it in others and I'm willing to learn new tricks.  So I plan to order the pattern and some material.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

Nesting is in full swing (in my head, mainly) and I would really like to make use of my cloth diapers. The two things that hold me back are: convenience and price. I have tons of pre-folds, mainly for an older baby/early toddler, plenty of homemade fitted diapers handed down by a great gal I know, a few pocket style covers, and 2 all-in-one style diapers. What I lack are newborn diapers and enough covers for all sizes.

I am currently searching for a good cloth diaper detergent recipe, because most soaps can leave behind irritating residue and can cause build up that discolors the diapers. Also, some laundry soaps are just too harsh and plain wear out you diapers.

Tipnut has some really great everyday laundry soap recipes that I have been using (and love).  I did find that some of the cooked soaps, needed to be cooked a bit longer than indicated (until there was an emulsion of fine bubbles in the pot).  All the ones I've tried have been low sudsing and produced very clean clothes.  Most can be made for 5¢-12¢ a load.

Anything else?


Sarah said... makes her own soaps well as other cleaning supplies and she also uses cloth diapers.

Have fun! She just did a post recently on it so check it out!

Svetlana said...

Thanks! I really appreciate it!

H West said...

I'm a cloth diaper user and the best thing I have found is called 'Crunchy Clean'. I think it's kind of pricy, but I only use it for diapers so it lasts forever. I'm pretty sure it's all natural.