Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Regina Spektor - "Fidelity" (Live In London)

We tried to move me to pain medicine every five hours rather than every four. The medicine is very strong and makes me feel pretty agitated, at times. Then there is potential for addiction or acetaminophen overdose or, or, or . . . ACK! Help! The Logismoiti have got me!

Anyway, shifting the meds didn't work and I have ended up being awake all night. So I thought we were all entitled to a little cheering up (especially after the last post). Have a listen to my current favorite musician, Regina Spektor. She is my go to channel on Pandora Radio.

Weather here in Tejas is such that during the winter months, we have days, sometimes weeks of warm, southerly, Gulf air currents that leave us in a weird tropical state of affairs, only to be suddenly overcome in a matter of minutes (it isn't unusual to see the temperature take a 40 degree nosedive after a week of high 70s and low 80s). Of course, I've been indoors for over 10 days now and have no real idea of what the weather is like. I hear it's cold. My Minnesota friends are probably chucklingly at what we, Sun Belt folks, consider chilly.

All of this is to say that it is difficult for a body to build up any sort of tolerance against this climate in flux and so Mr. Flavius and the children have gotten sick. Two of the children are headed off to the pediatrician with their Gran, so I will hitch a ride home and spend some time with my Beloved, while they are getting treated. He's been threatening to stash me away in a tower if he gets ahold of me again. I'm so in love with that man.

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elizabeth said...

Oh dear, I totally understand the anxiety of meds - I have been on a heavy drugs for a huge rash on my face in November and last night was the first night I slept without a sleeping pill due to the effects of the meds, which also made me very anxious and have insomnia even with sleeping pills. Hang in there. You will NOT get addicted. The Mother of God will protect you. I understand the fear all too well. Praying for you. One day at a time. Christ is with us and He loves us. His Holy Angels protect us, we are safe.