Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Catch up

I'm back. Almost.

The week before I broke my ankle, I had attended Holy Unction.  There were four priest present.  I was seeking healing, grace, mercy, possibly 'magic' that cannot be for a fairly persistent thyroid problem that has been a life long struggle for me.  Anyway, then I fell off that chair and my life was upturned along the way.

The result was that I was immediately put in contact with an amazing endocrinologist.  You know, the answer to your prayers kind of endocrinologist.  For the first time in my life since I became aware of my condition, I have a great! thyroid panel.  I haven't felt this good since I was 10. It's really amazing.  Thanks be to God.

Having energy has assisted in my recovery more than I can express.  Waking up feeling good is such a gift.    I mean, look, I'm 37 weeks pregnant so there are some less than ideal sleep going on and the weather is wreaking havoc on my ankle, but I'm not complaining.  Or at least, when I remember what a gift I've been given, I stop and give thanks.  It's my miracle and I am loving it, but also amazed that Jesus keeps  coming to me when I know He knows my faults and failings better than anyone.

I met with one of my midwifery/obstetric team members today (breaking your ankle just kills your chances of being left well enough alone.  I don't mind the extra attention in this instance though).  I am hoping and praying that they will allow me to go to term and move away from their current recommendation to induce labor.  I have a poor track record as far as labor is concerned; as in, I do not go into labor.  (Ever.  No, really. Just take my word for it.  Seriously.)  I'm hoping for the best as my thyroid has never functioned as well as it does currently.  I'll keep you posted.  I'll get the verdict next week. and let you know.

Our priest and his family joined us yesterday evening for the blessing of our home and dinner.  I cooked.  No really, it's a big deal.  I've made one other meal since coming home.  I love home blessings.  I love the preparation.  The opening of our home, all the rooms, clean, straight and orderly and well lit.  We light all the candles.  The house just glows awaiting the prayers of purification and its own baptism in the waters of the Jordan.

We always forget something.  This year we forgot the the rosemary branches.  They aren't mandatory, but they have their place in the tradition.  Still there is nothing more lovely, more hopeful, more exquisite than the Sacraments (the big ones and the little ones) and they are all my favorite.  And I love this one.  I love all the kids tromping through the house led by the light of the vigil lamp and the priest  and everyone singing and blessing and praising, worshipping all at once.

And after we broke bread together.  Pizza for the kids, and House Blessing Ragu for the grownups. fantastic fellowship and the rowdy bunch.  These are the moments that I want to stay with me for the rest of my life, these blessings, these little moments of friendship.

When You, O Lord were baptized in the Jordan 
The worship of the Trinity was made manifest 
For the voice of the Father bore witness to You 
And called You His beloved Son. 
And the Spirit, in the form of a dove, 
Confirmed the truthfulness of His word. 
O Christ, our God, You have revealed Yourself 
And have enlightened the world, glory to You!


Maria said...

This is beautiful, and I am very happy for you!

We actually haven't had our house blessed yet this year, for one reason and another, and I've been trying to give it a thorough cleaning one square meter at a time. I would love to be able to have it "clean, straight and orderly" and glowing for the house blessing, too, not cringing as the priest opened certain doors and walked through certain rooms. Sometimes I think I will never get there. Maybe by Pascha?!

Matushka Anna said...

Glory to God for your straightened out thyroid! What a blessing to have this burst of energy at a time when you really need it. I hope everything goes well obstetrically and that you manage to go into labor on your own.

elizabeth said...

happy for you. love to you; wonderful about the house blessing; never heard of the rosemary branches...

Anonymous said...

happy for you!

tell us about the rosemary branches in the tradition...

GretchenJoanna said...

What good news, thank God!
I love the description of the house blessing.

Josephus Flavius said...

Rosemary, basil, and other greenery are used depending on local custom and availability of herbs (much like the use of pussy willows instead of palm branches in certain areas. To quote a blog:

"The story is told that Basil was found growing around Christ's tomb after the resurrection. This is a kind of meeting of the herbs, for the women bearing myrrh and spices - to emtomb the fallen savior - find not a corpse to preserve but instead an empty tomb and fresh basil. This makes basil a symbol of the new life, the regenerated nature, and in that sense Ocimum sanctum grows in the garden of paradise regained and ushers in a return to Eden, neutralizing the forbidden fruit, just as the resurrection nullifies the fall. Hence, some Greek Orthodox churches use basil to prepare holy water, which becomes the Jordan for those that are cleansed of sin."

Michelle M. said...

I'm so glad that you were able to get everything worked out regarding your health. Hopefully this little baby won't make you wait too long. I hope you'll be able to go into labor on your own.

I hadn't heard of rosemary branches either. Thanks for sharing this with us.