Monday, July 18, 2011

We Moved!

On Saturday, July 9, 2010 we loaded up a truck and left our home in North Fort Worth and headed North.  Mr. Flavius took a week off work, we loaded his car onto the auto transport trailer and away we went.

Our 1300+ mile journey was mostly (thanks be to God) uneventful.  The children were exceptionally well behaved, impressing patrons of Cracker Barrels (aka Crackle Bare-row, according to our A. and E.) across 7 states.  The further north we traveled the more the compliments came, which is reassuring that our theory of Totality of Politeness may actually be working.

We arrived in the late afternoon on Wednesday.  The house awaiting our arrival, electric candles in the windows, and a key in the mailbox.

Our movers did a dubious job at best and we are deep in boxes and packing wrap and the sundries of moving.

The children alternate helping with riotous play outside.  We have no air conditioning, so it is often more pleasant out of doors than in.  We inherited a large sand pile left behind when the previous owners removed their above ground pool.  It has provided more enjoyment and entertainment than I thought possible.

The children have been able to really go out and play.  This is the kind of parenting I fantasized about.  It's great.

One surprise about our new life:  I am way greener than I ever thought I'd be.  Stalwart anti-environmentalist that I am, it is pretty surprising to find myself hanging a clothesline, enjoying the lack of air conditioning, reducing, reusing, and recycling.  I may need to start littering just to balance it out (just kidding).

If I were Ann Voskamp, this post would be full of off-kilter, sunlight through the trees, light hanging laundry, basement windows pictures.  Of course, you might not have any idea what I was trying to say either if I were.  Please accept this humble offering, sans photos and beautiful phrasing.


elizabeth said...

yay!! glad the move went well! clotheslines are great... not that I have one but I live in a small apartment... I use laundry racks inside instead :)

Sorry the movers were not the best; hope nothing is broken at any rate and hope that the unpacking goes as well as it can; I remember my last move and that I found it at times fairly overwhelming.

As my Oma and others of her generation say, wishing you all the best...

Maria said...

The best writing paints pictures for the reader, and you have given us word pictures of your kids in the sandpile, and you hanging your clothesline. Don't sweat the photos and the poetry.