Thursday, September 1, 2011

Big Bottom Girls Make the Rockin' World Go 'Round

and the same is true for Johnstown apparently.

Johnstown, and its inhabitants as I have said have there very own breed of charm.  For instance,  down South, church ladies and other strangers will readily compliment a new baby.  If, for instance, the baby has a particularly prominent feature like big eyes or chubby thighs, it is not unusual for one to hear exclaimed, "those eyes!"  Or, "look at those thighs!  What a cutie!"

This is what you hear in Johnstown, PA.

"Look at that baby!  Looks like she has a chew in each cheek!"

Down South, a man upon seeing a girl he admires might chance a low whistle or a wink or a smile and tip of his hat.  In Johnstown, they aren't shy about giving compliments.  For instance, on my way to Downtown Johnstown's landmark eatery  Coney Island Lunch, I was told by a passerby, "Hey, you'd make the perfect, plus-sized model, lady."

Let's just say, I laughed out loud for a good ten minutes.

What a weird, great, little place.

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s-p said...

LOVE the pictures! :) I tend to enjoy a Reubeneque physique myself.