Monday, May 6, 2013

So we found some frog eggs in a big puddle that some ducks splash in.  Ducks are good foragers and scavengers and will eat just about anything they find.  Frogs, tadpoles, and most certainly frog caviar are on the most choice of duck menus.   So the next day we returned with a container and a net to scoop them up and we brought them home.

We have been monitoring their growth daily and surprisingly they have been very easy to raise.  They hatched after just a couple of day, slipping free of their slimy bonds, looking like dormant little black rectangles.  Day-by-day they have grown, their various stages and structures surprisingly evident to the naked eye.  We transferred them to an aquarium and as of today they have a distinct head, external gill, and tail.  They hold onto vegetation with a sucker.

Training the little children to keep their fingers and other objects out of the tank is a slight challenge, but they are handling it well so far.

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