Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quick Takes

Here are 8 little quick takes from our Father's Day Weekend.  Nothing major or anything, but some photos to capture our weekend so far.

This is B. pretending to be a cow in the cattle shoot. 

D. has an affinity for play driving vehicle.  He's the little guy in the cab.

Evidence that - with a neutral third party - a brother and sister can play a game together without undue bloodshed or whining.

This picture needs some explanation. A. went to the pond with her brother and sister. She was directed to get in the water because she was hot. The result was a muddy, wet 6 year old. On returning to the barn M. (without fanfare) took off her pants and traded them for her sister's soaking wet pair so she could be with the family fully dressed. Then, as this picture shows, M. tied her sister's shoes and walked with her to say hello to everyone.

Little awesome guy. He's just fun to watch do his boy thing.

N. feeding the cows some treats.

Before we left the kids picked blueberries for a bit. Then Mr. Flavius went to get gas while I picked vegetables. The kids snacked on blueberries on the way back and listened to Nelson Mandela's "Favorite African Folktales" audiobook. It's quite good; the stories are short enough for all ages and it mixes up animal stories with other folk tales so that the variety keeps you engaged.  I ❤

It was 105┬║F today.  The wind kicked up dust and blew dust in our eyes.  Standing in the shade, those gusts felt like I was standing in front of an open oven door.  The pond is down, the deer stay all day in the trees.  Days like these never seem to cool off.  It's so hot our heavy clay soils crack wide open, blue jeans will go from wring wet to dry in under 20 minutes hanging on the talilgate.  We're praying for rain here.  What I will remember most?  I hope it is all the sunshine and happy faces.  Thank you, Lord, for your many and abundant blessings.


elizabeth said...

love the pictures! many years to all of your family, esp. your DH :)

Matushka Anna said...

It looks like such a fun time! The photos really take you there.

AND, you've been tagged with a "Keepin' it Real" award! (see here:

Michelle M. said...

Just beautiful! But I, honestly, don't know how you handle that heat. I hope it rains for all your sakes.

Svetlana said...
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