Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some News, Some Books, Some Links, and a Request


Every six weeks since I was discharged from the hospital, I have seen the orthopedist.  This past week was one such week.  I see the PA which is not really my preference, but I haven't figured out how I keep getting bumped when I schedule with the physician.  I assumed it would be my last appointment and I announced that it was when PA John walked into the room.  He asked about my pain level and I honestly told him, "it hurts most of the time."  Tuesday's appointment came after a particularly ferocious storm and my ankle is my own personal barometer.  It's not awful, I expect it will improve with time, but what can I say, it hurts.

He sent me off for x-rays and I wondered for the fortieth time if I should be requesting some sort of collar or apron.  I never know what the safety protocol is for these machines.  It seems too late to ask once they have me balancing precariously atop a wooden box with a film braced between my feet.  I returned and we discussed my PT that I've never done and future potential surgeries (ankle replacement, fusion, appliance removal).  This is exactly how my last four visits have gone.  We departed from the script when the orthopedist called from behind the door, whispered in PA John's ear, and mysteriously went away.  

"After reviewing the films, Dr. E. has decided to remove the appliance from your leg.  Sally will come schedule your surgery."  And with that PA John exited, never to return, and now I am having surgery.

Apparently, there are three screws that are digging into another bone.  It is believed that this is source of a lot of the discomfort and pain.  I have to wonder if this is the part where I ought to say, "Nay, leave these thorns to chasten me against sin and remind me of our Lord's own Passion!"  Needless to say, I punked out on that account.  

So early Monday morning, I will submit to the surgeon's knife and he will remove the eight inches of surgical steel and the six screws that bind the steel and bone together.    I cannot even bring myself to think about it.  I pray my guardian angel will watch over me.  My last surgery was very successful and very uncomfortable.  I think that was when the morphine pump was installed.  I have been told that it will not be as significant.  Lord, bear me safely through this latest challenge. 

Baking Books:

Some of my favorite people have been bitten by the baking bug.  I thought I was use this space to share some of my go to books for baking bread.

This is the National Geographic for bakers.  Beautiful photography, amazing recipes, very international in scope.  I  first learned about delayed fermented dough from these pages.  

You cannot go wrong with Peter Reinhart.  He teaches Baker's Percentages and the how to create a DIY steam oven technique.  Fool proof recipes.  His Stollen in this book is to die for.  Plus, he's Orthodox!  What's not to like?

For the truly hardcore.  This book gets whole grain and takes it to the next level with delayed fermentation and a host of other techniques.  If you are into grinding your own wheat, this is your book.

Helpful Sites for Bakers:

Baker's Percentage Calculator: 

Baker's Forum:  

Great Recipes and Eye-Candy: 


Pray for me, please.  Pray for Baby I. and her father as they struggle through the morning together.  Pray for my doctors.  


Matushka Anna said...

Praying. May the Lord have mercy on you, keep you from infection, and the pain in manageable limits.

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Maria said...

Prayers for your recovery, and thanks for the baking books!

Svetleah said...

"Nay, leave these thorns to chasten me against sin and remind me of our Lord's own Passion!" I love it! Glad that you're out of surgery.