Monday, August 29, 2011

Seven Quick Takes:

  1. The eldest five children begin school the day after tomorrow.  Mr. Flavius and I are sicker than dogs.  I am feeling a little out matched with all there is to do before I shuffle them out the door into a new routine.  Spending most of the mornings stuffed into bed coughing and feeling miserable doesn't help.
  2. My sister-in-law is making the journey to visit us.  This will be our first guest.  In 12 years of homeownership, we've only had 2 overnight stays.  We have four sets of guest between now and Christmas (that I know about).  I am very much looking forward to her visit, but I am on a strict all work and no play schedule between now and her visit in a week and a half.
  3. House blessing.  Still working on making a path so that Fr. Nick can bless and sprinkle away with abandon without breaking his neck.
  4. On Friday, the kids and I went garage saling.  Johnstown has great sales.  I guess this is one of the secret upsides to a greying community.  We found several good pen knives, a very good pair of Korean War era binoculars from Japan, some fabulous costume jewelry, and some beautiful perfume bottles that I did not buy, but wanted to very much.  Driving through the twists and turns we came upon a huge Chicken of the Woods mushroom growing on a maple tree along side a driveway.  The man very generously gave us the behemoth and many pears.  It's going in an omelet first chance I get.
  5. Mr. Flavius began classes today.  No one died.  I think that I will be okay while he is away.  I've had my doubts, but really it will be fine.
  6. I am scouting jars for putting up strawberry and violet leaves for healing herbal teas for this winter.  Also, we have been offered as many Concord grapes as we can pick.  I cannot decide if I should put up juice or make jelly or what all I could possibly do with such a generous gift.  I'm sure the children will assist me in the endeavor.  Also, these are the last few weeks for local tomatoes and cucumbers and it really is time to start the sauerkraut too....  So much to do!
  7. I am coming up with my Autumnal List of things to break up the monotony of everyday homemaking.  So far soap making, sausage making, crocheting, and canning autumn fruits figure high on the list.  We hope to add a fence, a coop, and a bee hive to the yard by next Spring.  Lots to do and keep busy.

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DebD said...

I hadn't realized it but I've been making a list of autumn activities in my head... just hadn't jotted it down and thought of it as such.

Hope you are both on the mend now.